Turmeric's Benefits in Cancer Therapy

Turmeric's Benefits in Cancer Therapy

Turmeric is a spice used by ancient people for many years as a food flavouring. Later people started using Turmeric as a home remedy for curing diseases. The Indian people used to apply turmeric on the inflammation. Asian people were the first who discover the medical benefit of the turmeric. For many centuries the turmeric was the ultimate source of medicine used by the people for all kinds of health problem. It used to cure the several diseases naturally. However, there is no any evidence to show that the turmeric can cure cancer naturally, but research done in the past have shown a positive sign in the cancer treatment.
Turmeric is the part of the daily meal of the Indian people. It is also known as the Saffron, Jiang Huang, Haridra, and Haldi in the Asian culture. The most of the Asian countries are the producer of the large amount turmeric. The Turmeric belongs to the ginger family. It is used mostly as a curry powder in the meal. The curcumin or diferuloylmethane is the important ingredient of the turmeric. The study done in the laboratory has shown the anticancer effects on cancer cells. Some scientist believes the Turmeric can cure cancer in a natural way.
In the past, the studies have been conducted in two phases. The phase one trial was done on the 25 patients with pre-cancerous changes in the different organs. In the trial when the Turmeric is applied to the cancer cells, the availability of the curcumin has shown the positive sign. It could stop the pre-cancerous state of the body to become cancer.
The research was done on the large group of people where it has been shown that people who eat the curcumin at levels of about 100mg to 200mg a day for few months have seen the low rates of certain kinds of cancer sign in the region. People where living a healthy life and the sign of various kinds of cancer were at a minimum rate compared to the other countries. The only problem is there is no conclusive evidence available that clarify cancer can be treated with the use of Turmeric.
Research on Turmeric:
There are proven the result of turmeric treatment that shown the curcumin which highly found in the Turmeric has the anticancer effects. When the Turmeric is consumed on day to day basis can cure the cancer cells. It can kill cancer cells and prevent to grow in the future. The Turmeric is effective in the breast cancer, bowel cancer, Stomach cancer and skin cancer cells. It did now allow the cancer cells to grow and reduces the chances of a person developing the serious types of cancer.
The study conducted in 2013 in international laboratory looked at the effectiveness of the combining the curcumin and chemotherapy on bowel cancer cells. The institute was trying to see what will happen if the ingredient found in the turmeric is used with chemotherapy. It has been found that the combined treatment with curcumin and chemotherapy is much effective than the using the chemotherapy alone.
Another study done on the mice in 2007 in America shows that curcumin helped to stop the development of the breast cancer cells in the mice. It stopped spreading across the body and reduced the chances of inflammation in the other parts of the body with the cancer cells.
The Doctors have concluded that the curcumin stays in the digestive system of the body. The curcumin is absorbed by the cells in the bowel. To assure that the statement is correct another study has been done in the UK to check whether the statement is true or not. The research was done to find how curcumin is absorbed from the human gut system and transfer into liver cells. The main purpose of the study was to identify how much amount of curcumin is absorbed into both cancer cells and normal cells. This was a small study conducted on the people who are dealing with the bowel cancer that had spread to the liver. The cancer patient was given the curcumin for the 7 days before surgery to see the effect of the curcumin.
In the surgery, the doctor removed the liver tissue. The removed liver tissues were sent to the laboratory to test how much amount of the curcumin was absorbed by the liver tissue. The find report showed that the amount of the curcumin found the liver tissue was not high enough to have any anticancer effect on the body. The research institute suggested that future clinical trials of curcumin must focus on the avoiding bowel tumors. Many studies were done after that has shown that the curcumin given in the form of capsules does get absorbed by the gut easily. It is found in the blood cells of the person after the consumption. The only problem with the curcumin is the amount in the blood cell is too low to show some significant effect on the cancer cells.
The phase 2 study done in 2008 was to find the effect of curcumin. The 25 patients who were dealing with some sort of cancer were chosen for the treatment. For25 patients the 21 had tumors which were easily measurable. After the treatment, it has been found that the tumors shrank significantly in 2 patients. In others, the level of immune system chemicals that destroying the cancer cells were went up. The only negative side of the research was the level of the curcumin found in the blood cells was very low. The absorption of the curcumin from the gut was very low. Scientists are working on the development of the injectable, fat-soluble forms of the curcumin which can help improve the results on the body. Scientists are trying to develop the solution that is effective and shows the result immediately after applying on the patients. The research has shown positive sign on the curcumin, but before we make it public we have to do much more research on the human to show that the curcumin can treat the cancer people.

Turmeric and Curcumin dosage for cancer therapy side effectsThe study that investigated the efficacy of curcumin in counteracting side effects of cancer treatment used a dose of 500mg Meriva, a specialized formulation of curcumin.
A dose of 1-2mg of standardized 95% curcumin with piperine can help counteract side effects of cancer treatment. Start with a small dose of 250-500mg and increase gradually over weeks.
Dietary turmeric or Golden Paste is a must when counteracting the toxicity of cancer treatment. A dose of 1-2 tsp of Golden Paste or more if suits you should be incorporated in the diet. Start with small doses and increase gradually.
What is better for cancer: Turmeric or Curcumin?Turmeric has more to offer than curcumin. It has a number of anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory compounds apart from curcumin. However, only 3-4% of turmeric powder constitutes curcumin.
So for a therapeutic effect, you would need to take large doses of turmeric powder to deliver the required amount of curcumin to a target tissue. Also, we can’t ignore the absorption problem.
Therefore we advise taking curcumin supplements as well as dietary turmeric/Golden Paste for a complete approach to fighting cancer.
PrecautionsWhen taking turmeric supplements for cancer it is advisable to discuss it with your doctor first for the following reasons:
  • Curcumin increases the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy which is good but it may require your cancer treatment dosage to be monitored.
  • Curcumin increases the sensitivity of cancer cells to radiation therapy which is good but then the radiation therapy needs to be monitored.
  • Various studies have shown that curcumin has a synergistic action with chemotherapeutic drugs but it is best to consult your doctor with regards to the same.
  • One study states that curcumin may hinder immunotherapy outcomes in skin cancer but has not been clinically proven, so it is better to take a doctor’s advice for this.
Turmeric supplements should be taken after meals to avoid acid reflux symptoms.
Avoid taking it at the same time as other medicines and maintain 3-4 hour gap. This is because curcumin and piperine interfere in drug metabolism.
A couple of general precautions with turmeric supplements include:
  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Prior to surgery (at least 15 days)
  • If taking anti-diabetic or stomach acid reducing medications
  • If suffering from gall bladder problems
Turmeric intake as a spice should be limited if you are prone to kidney stone development or if suffering from gout. In case of turmeric supplements consult a health practitioner prior.

In conclusion: The Turmeric has many benefits other than treating the diseases. It has been found that the Turmeric can heal many-body problems if is consume daily with the water. It is absorbed into the blood cells and it treats the internal body problem effectively. Hope in the future the researcher will find the concrete solution to treat the cancer patients by using the Turmeric.


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