20 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Optimal Brain Function

20 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Optimal Brain Function

The human brain is a complex piece of the organ in the whole body. After so many research and advancement in the brain science technology, we still don't know much about our brain. The research on the brain always surprises the scientist with the new discoveries. The innovation in technology is helping us to uncover the deep hidden secret of the brain science. From many centuries we are working on brain science and trying to understand its core functionality. The most important things that we have found in the study that the vitamins and minerals are essential part of our brain functions. All the scientists have agreed on this thought and gave their opinions on the usefulness in improving our brain functionality. Many research have been conducted to test the hypothesis and every time we got the same result. The Scientist is now convinced that the vitamins and minerals play big role in improving our cognitive skill and memory power. The right amount of the vitamin in our body leads to increase in functionality of the brain.

Adding the vitamins and minerals in our day to day food increases the human ability to think the problem in different ways. The problem-solving skill becomes easy and your brain neurons start developing faster to store huge amount of data in the short period of time. People who have a habit of eating healthy food rich in the balance amount of vitamin develops the healthy brain. Their actions taking power doubles compared to the normal people and you see them effective in all aspect of life. The brain is what runs the body. If your brain is healthy then you can do many more things in available time and do expansion growth in your life. People who have vitamin deficiency lack the brain development. Their brain finds a hard time to develop new neuron tissues and keep the brain in the healthy environment. We find this person having trouble in taking a big decision and due to their low cognitive skill, they become ineffective in their day to day life.
If we talk about the Vitamins and minerals so their there very few types of vitamin you find in the market that aid to the brain. The phytonutrients are one which is available in the forms that help brain to improve its health. Scientist generally defines vitamins as a group of organic substances that are essential for the growth of the brain and provides the required nutrition to the body. The vitamins cannot be synthesized. It means the body will not store the excessive amount of vitamins in your body like other substances. You have to take them from your daily meal to protect the brain health. In addition, the mineral also works on a similar formula. The cannot be stored or gain from the internal source of the body. You have to provide sufficient amount of the mineral from your food on daily basis. Also, we cannot manufacture the minerals in the factory. These are generally collected by the body from your food.
Your brain does a lot of work compared to other organs in your body. The rich nutrients are generally concentrated in the brains to perform the certain tasks. The vast amount of the nutrients and other important vitamins are used by the brain. Your brain works 24 x 7 and protects your body from any kind of damage. All the signals in your body manage and sent by the brain. It takes cares of all the body parts. Whenever certain organic requires some specific type of nutrients the brain instructs the body to arrange the require nutrients from another part of the body to recover the organ from damage. You need certain vitamins to keep your brain healthy. These vitamins can be obtained from the vitamin-rich food or you can take the supplements.
Let's see which are those vitamins and minerals that increase the brain power dramatically.
1)  Magnesium - When it comes to providing vitamins and minerals to your body, the Magnesium is the first choice that doctors generally recommend. The Magnesium has many benefits which help the body to recover from nutrients deficiency. The Magnesium is used in over 300 different processes to heal the body. From those 300 the 50 are just used for the brain. It provides natural neural plasticity to the brain. It means the nervous system of your brain able to adapt and avoid any damage to your brain. It creates a protective shield around your brain to keep the brain healthy.
2) Omega-3 - The brain is built by nearly 50% fats, from that the 30% is generally consumed from the Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids help the children to build the new neural connection faster. It creates a natural barrier around your brain that protects the nerves whole life.
3) Vitamin D - Vitamin D is an essential ingredient for the bones development. However, Vitamin D is one of the useful compounds that function the neurotransmitter synthesis in your brain and turns it one and off while transmitting the data. It is also useful for nerve growth. The vitamin D deficiency person brain finds hard time to build new neuro connection and the process gets restrained.
4) Vitamin E
 - The vitamin E is helpful in protecting the functions of the brain. Your brain is involved in several activities which sometimes makes the oxidation in your brain. Some sort of stress chemical is released in your brain that harms the basic functionality of the brain. The Vitamin E is one of the substances that helps the brain to protect from such scenario and serve as anti-oxidants.
5) Vitamin C - The Vitamin C is also called ascorbate in the body. It is another powerful anti-oxidant of your body that protects the body health. The ascorbate is mostly found in the brain, especially in the neuroendocrine tissues where most of the body energy is consumed in the process. The ascorbate plays are a big role in moderating dozens of different neurochemicals. It keeps track of the various chemicals and avoids having an excessive amount of it. By moderating these chemicals your ascorbate reduces the risk of stroke.
6) Vitamin B6 - The B6 deficiency generally found the person who is always depressed. The person faces the memory loss issue due to its depression. The B6 vitamin keeps your memory sharp and gives you the ability to manage certain task effectively. Your memory gets boosted by consuming sufficient amount of the B6 vitamin. It is an important vitamin for improving the memory power of your brain. B6 also helps in producing the hemoglobin by providing key nutrients in the process. For blood production, you require sufficient amount of B6 vitamin in your body. The lack of B6 will reduce the new blood production. It results in the low energy in the body, low body oxygen level, anemia or sometimes the person feel shortness of breath.
7) Vitamin B12 - The B12  is an important vitamin in developing neuro health. It is a primary nutrient for producing the myelin sheath that covers the nerves system. The deficiency of the B12 exposed the sheath which leads to nephropathy and pain in the brain.
8) Thiamine - The Thiamine is essential for boosting your mood. The Thiamine deficiency is also called beriberi. The Thiamine helps in improving the mood and avoid the depression in the brain. It also creates a required amino acids and enzymes in the brain.
9) Riboflavin (B2)  - The Vitamin B2 is useful for transmission of the neuro-impulses. Lacking this vitamin in your brain will result in the low functional skill of the person. A person finds hard time to process information and he feels memory loss in a certain scenario. It also leads to migraines, Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases. Many metabolic syndromes are aided with the Riboflavin Supplement. Like other vitamins, the Riboflavin b2 is also not stored in the body so you have to take it regularly through a supplement.
10) Niacin
 - The Niacin is generally used in reducing the cholesterol level in the body. Without the Niacin in our body, we can not produce NAD which is required for energy conversion process of the body. You can take the supplement to improve the energy level in your body. The improved energy level helps the brain to stimulate the function quickly and do many things simultaneously.
11) Folate - The Folic acid helps moderate and reduce the homo-cysteine in your brain. By reducing the levels you can restrict dementia and Alzheimer disease in your body. It doesn't improve the brain functionality but it is an effective solution to protect the brain from the oxidative stresses.
12) Saturated Fats - The saturated fats are very important for brain development. Saturated fats moderates our hormones and half percentage of cellular structure. A person who is low on the saturated fats experiences serious hormonal issues. The depression, mood swings and mental instability are some of the consequence person faces due to low saturated fats in the diet.
13) Probiotics - Probiotic is not directly helpful for improving brain functionality but it takes care of the whole body. A healthy body keeps the brain healthy so it is important that you keep the body healthy as well. Your gut generally connected to your feeling. The emotion and reaction of the person in real life are directly triggered by the guts health. The scientist has found that the bacteria in our gust normally influence our decision taking power so it is important that your gut must stay in the healthy environment to improve your brain functionality.
14) Quality Proteins - The proteins are essential for keeping your body in good shape. The low-quality proteins generally don't help in improving the health of the body. You should avoid the protein drinks as they rank lowest in the quality proteins substance. The quality proteins come only from the natural animals that nurture in natural habitat. You can also take help of supplement to obtain the quality proteins.
15) Iron - The moderated amount of Iron consumption is good for the overall body. Iron improves the brain power and protects it from any invasion of the unwanted chemicals in your brain. Do not overdo it as it will harm your body and can accelerate dementia and brain deterioration.
16) Copper - The copper helps in moderating the oxidant substance in our body. It works as an anti-oxidant supplement that takes care of the body health.
17) Zinc - Zinc effect is quick and gives you complete protection immediately after consumption of supplement. If you feel seek the zink can take your health back and make you energetic again. It boosts immune system quickly allowing the body to fight the diseases. The brain function gets turn on and it controls the neuro-impulses.
18) Calcium - The calcium plays the big role in keeping your brain fully functional. It improves the brain health and works as nerve cell messenger. It has been seen that it regulates the neurotransmission and controls the verve excitability.
19) Choline - The Choline is helpful in moderating the fat metabolism. Excessive fat also not good for your body and brain. It moderates the fat. It also helps in nervous system functionality. The egg yolks, fresh meats, milk, legumes and whole grains are the rich source of the Choline.
20) Vitamin K - Vitamin K keep blood health intake and gives its right amount of liquid form which is essential to avoid closing of our blood. The blood clots can restrict the blood flow in the certain area which might cause the organ damage. The Vitamin K improves the blood health. The Dark green leafy vegetables are a good source of vitamin K.
All the vitamins and minerals are important for keeping our brain and body in good health. You can get these vitamins from your daily meal or obtain the supplement by consulting your doctor.


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